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Protecting Your Investment

After your new wine cellar is up and running there is one final and important step to best protecting your investment; begin planning a routine maintenance schedule with your contractor. We suggest at least an annual inspection of your equipment to keep it in best working order. Environmental issues cause the majority of equipment failures. Some of which may not be covered under warranty but nearly all are avoidable with regular maintenance and inspection.

Details of a Routine Maintenance Service Call For Split System Refrigeration


  • Clean the condensing unit of any dust, debris, and foreign objects. This includes: mud, sand, vegetation, leaf litter, and even small creatures. (compressed air or Nitrogen may be used)
  • Visually check, clean and clear drain line from end to end (compressed air or Nitrogen may be used) Small water deposits can and likely will develop over time in the drain pan, drain line, and condensate pump (if used)
  • If a condensate pump was added during installation inspect, clean, and test. This is the most common source of water leaks and is not a result of the refrigeration equipment operating improperly.
  • Visually check condensing unit wiring, coil, and fan motor for any issues
  • Visually check evaporator coil/air handler for any signs of corrosion, water leaks, dust, or debris
  • Visually check evaporator coil/air handler wiring, fan motor, supply and return ducting (if used) for any issues
  • Check system refrigerant levels (visually inspect the sight glass)
  • Check that the amp draw on each system component is within specs
  • Check that operating pressures are within specifications
    • (Requires gauges and licensed technician)

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US Cellar’s Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units come in different designs which are appropriate for varying applications such as Wine Cabinets, Commercial Wine Cellars and Wall or Ducted Cooling Systems. To make it easier to understand the use cases each Cooling Unit is designed for, we have organized them into the categories below for your convenience.