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US Cellar Systems Dealer in Orange County, California: Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

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Wine Cellar Building

Area Converted to a Wine Cellar

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and US Cellar Systems have long been partners in creating the ideal wine storage solutions for wine collectors in Orange County, California. Both are leading companies in their respective areas. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars designs and builds custom wine cellars for both residential and commercial use in California, while US Cellar Systems builds and installs quality wine cellar cooling systems. Both companies understand the essentials of wine storage and wine aging; their products and services are always aimed towards providing the best wine storage conditions for their clients.

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Built in Santa Ana, Orange County, California

One of their most successful projects was a residential wine cellar built in a home in Santa Ana, California. The beautiful custom wine cellar was part of a large renovation project. The house had an old school wet bar area that the clients wanted turned into a custom wine cellar. Since the wine cellar project was only part of a huge renovation project, Coastal’s wine cellar designers and builders worked closely with the client’s interior designer, Connie Robertson.

Before the project began, Coastal discussed the wine cellar design with the homeowners and created a 3 dimensional design package for them to review. The design consisted of multiple views of each wall and elevation. This is one of the benefits of working with Coastal. This 3D design comes for free, once a client consults with them on their dream custom wine cellar design.

The construction began with gutting the area down to the studs, and taking up the flooring in preparation for the new tile floor that will extend beyond the new custom wine cellar area. Once this was done, a completely raw canvass to work with was created, so that the building of the wine cellar itself could commence.

Santa Ana Home Wine Cellar Project Design

Wine Cellar Design in CA

Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

The home custom wine cellar has a very modern design. It was made to accommodate 585 wine bottles, of which over 50 bottles could be displayed in a label forward, horizontal format. The display bottles are located on the sides of the beautiful Lattice designed Arch, which is centered on the cellar’s back wall. Included in this wine cellar’s design is a crescent shaped table with a beautiful diamond bin for bulk storage, and large format bottles centered below it. The tabletop was made out of the same wood that the custom wine racks are made from. The wood used for the entire residential wine cellar was Malaysian Mahogany with a Rustic Stain, and a Clear Lacquer Top Coat Finish to give it a glossy patina.

A reveal row was also included in the design of this unique residential custom wine cellar. On the display row, the bottles are placed at an angle, so that guests can view the labels without tilting the bottle upright (which would cause the wine to lose contact with the corks). Above the display rows, LED lights were installed, to highlight the wine bottle labels. LED lights were also installed inside the top of the arch, to highlight the wine tasting table. The symmetrical left and right wine cellar walls are mostly for single bottle storage. The middle section of the walls is where the horizontal and tilted display rows are located, and they create an LED highlighted visual feature in the wine storage room. The LED lights were strategically concealed behind a light valance, so that, although the lights themselves cannot be seen, they beautifully illuminate selected features of the wines for guests to see. Elegantly positioned wine cellar lighting can effectively create a dramatic ambiance in any custom wine cellar.

The seamless fixed glass wall and entry wine cellar door lends additional beauty to this residential wine cellar. The clients and their guests can see and enjoy the beauty of their wine cellar and their wine collection without the need to open the wine storage room too often. Constant opening of the wine cellar could otherwise compromise the controlled climate inside.

It took Coastal around 3 months to complete this Orange County Residential Custom Wine Cellar Project. The clients were incredibly pleased with the overall outcome of their residential custom wine storage room.

Effective Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration System by US Cellar Systems

When Coastal constructs custom wine cellars, they always make sure that the wine cellar cooling unit is able to meet the wine storage requirements of a specific project perfectly. Different custom wine cellars need a different wine cellar refrigeration unit. This is why Coastal trusts only the most reliable wine cellar refrigeration system companies in California, one of which is US Cellar Systems.

For the Santa Ana Orange County California Residential Wine Cellar Project, US Cellar Systems installed a ductless split type wine cellar cooling unit. The cooling unit was concealed in such a way that no mechanical component of the unit could be seen. The evaporator coil is placed in the soffit in the ceiling, and covered by a wooden louvered grill cover, made from the same wood material as the wine racks so as to blend in with the rest of the wine cellar.

Residential Renovation – Custom Wine Cellars California Santa Ana

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – Wine Cellar Designer and Builder in Orange County, CA

A custom wine cellar is the resting place of your beloved wine collection. Therefore, it needs to be designed well, and built properly. A custom wine cellar should look good, so that you can show it off to your guests, and it should also be functional and durable, so that your wines can be stored safely. Trust only a professional when it comes to the construction of your dream residential custom wine cellar in Orange County, California. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted wine cellar designers in Orange County, CA. For more information about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and their products and services, contact them today at +1 (888) 735-8889.

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