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High Static Series Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems – Technical Update

Are you building a wine room or cellar where you need to place the refrigeration unit in an attic or on a rooftop? Locations like this can experience very high temperatures. This is why we’ve built the HS Series for such extreme ducted systems.

Dan Gives an Expert Technical Overview of Our HS Series System

In this video Dan gives some great pointers on how to install the HS Series wine cellar cooling units and how to avoid problems:

Wine Room Refrigeration in High Temperature Spaces – HS Series

HS Series Overview

All connections are on one side of the unit. FAN MOTOR is accessed on the SUPPLY side. The EXPANSION VALVE is accessed on the RETURN air side. When installing keep in mind future access clearances for troubleshooting or maintenance.

LIQUID and SUCTION stubs are clearly marked with “L” and “S”
These stubs are the same size on some units so look for the “L” and “S” stamp on the unit.

Wiring of Your Wine Room Refrigeration System

  • 1 BLACK, 1 WHITE, 2 BLUE (for solenoid valve)
  • Connect BLACK to BLUE. This will connect to the HOT from the controller.
  • Connect WHITE to remaining BLUE. This will connect to NEUTRAL.

Adjustments of the HS Series and Precautions.

  • 3/8″ nut driver or socket it needed.
  • There is an access port to the expansion valve above the connections.
  • To INCREASE pressure turn CLOCKWISE.
  • Always make small adjustments.
  • 1 turn is approximately 6 lbs change.
  • WARNING: NEVER TURN ALL THE WAY IN. This will damage the diaphragm and cannot be undone. The valve will need to be replaced. This damage is not covered under warranty.

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US Cellar’s Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units come in different designs which are appropriate for varying applications such as Wine Cabinets, Commercial Wine Cellars and Wall or Ducted Cooling Systems. To make it easier to understand the use cases each Cooling Unit is designed for, we have organized them into the categories below for your convenience.