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Wine Cellar Refrigeration System in Eclectic Designed Modern South Miami Florida Project

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South Miami Florida
Wine Cellar International (WCI), is one of our top US Cellars Refrigeration System Dealers.

WCI designs and installs custom residential wine cellars in Florida.

WCI installed a US Cellars split system cooling unit for a residential Wine Cellar project in Coral Gables, in South Miami Florida. 

The style of the residential wine cellar was a cool mix of modern and rustic style. Often the wine cellar refrigeration system’s are covered to hide the industrial appearance, but in this case, the homeowners decided to keep the cooling unit exposed as it blended perfectly with the modern components in the wine room.    

Modern meets Rustic Custom Wine Cellar In South Miami Florida

The team at Wine Cellar International recently completed a contemporary wine cellar in Coral Gables, just five miles south of Miami, Florida.

Silver Oak Winery California and Wine Cellar InternationalThe US Cellar Systems cooling unit installed for this project was a Refrigeration Split System.

This was a special project; the South Miami wife wanted to build a wine room for her husband.

Her inspiration came from a trip she and her husband had visiting California Wineries. Silver Oaks Winery’s Modern wine racks stood out to the couple.

The brushed stainless steel bars with wood framing was unique from the traditional redwood wine racks they had seen.

In addition to the modern racks, there were rustic elements throughout the tasting room, which was a perfect blend of Modern and Rustic style to match the decor in their Coral Gables home.

Choosing the best Florida Designer and Installer using a US Cellars Refrigeration System

The homeowner worked closely with our dealer, Wine Cellar International.  WCI has an excellent track record designing one-of-a-kind modern residential wine cellars in Florida.

South Miami Florida Wine Cellar 3-D Design in progress

Wine Cellar International – 3-D Design

Wine Cellar International used inspirational photos and images provided from the wife and took detailed measurements of the wine room before starting the 3-D design process.

During the design process, the refrigeration experts at Wine Cellar International worked with US Cellars to determine the size and model cooling unit required to provide optimal climate and humidity control for the South Miami wine cellar.

If the refrigeration system is not installed properly or if the cooling unit is not large enough for the custom room dimensions, an entire wine collection can be damaged.

The WCI designers worked together with their refrigeration experts to make sure the cooling units were installed in the optimal location to maintain the temperature and humidity balance so the homeowners private collection could age properly and preserve the wine. 

For the Coral Gables home, they installed the Industrial Style Split System above the entry doors.

Customizing the details of the Modern meets Rustic Wine Cellar

After working with the South Miami Homeowner, the design consultants were able to customize the wine room to their client’s specific needs.

Not only did Wine Cellar International design the custom brushed stainless steel and wood wine racks that inspired the room, they added a custom humidor lined with Spanish cedar and a custom stainless steel wine table.

Modern Rustic South Miami Wine Cellar

Custom Brushed Stainless Steel – Wood Wine Racks inspired by Silver Oaks Winery


The Rustic columns in between the racking, walls and ceiling were actually new wood, distressed and stained.


Since the wine room was a focal point from the homeowner’s family room they chose tempered glass French doors, with rustic wood trim.



Through the glass doors, there is a clear view of the wine cellar, the Modern and Rustic style looks perfect with the rest of the Coral Gables home.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration South Miami Wine Cellar Coral Gables – Two

Industrial Wine Cellar Cooling Unit – Refrigeration Split System

US Cellar Systems Industrial Style Refrigeration Split System

Industrial Style Refrigeration Split System

The US Cellar Split System was a perfect choice for the dimensions of the residential wine room.

It not only provides consistent temperature but also  helps maintains the humidity balance to avoid corks from shrinking and allowing air into the wine bottles and destroying the wine quality by oxidation.

Another advantage Wine Cellar International found when using the US Cellars Refrigeration Split system was they could install the condenser outdoors to keep the noise from the cooling unit to a minimum inside the cellar.

Jake Duquette,, Owner of Wine Cellar International (2)

Jake Duquette, Owner of Wine Cellar International

This is a great feature if you want to entertain your guests inside your wine cellar. The homeowners decided to keep the Industrial style Cooling Unit uncovered to keep in unison of the rest of the wine cellar.  What a beautiful way of showcasing our refrigeration system.

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Want more?

If you would like to see more photos of the wine cellar and learn more about the South Miami Florida refrigeration project call Wine Cellar International’s South Miami consultant. Call them direct at +1 (954) 630-5866. or click to contact them HERE

LEARN MORE about US Cellar Systems’ many Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units.



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