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Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

Project Bel Air Los Angeles Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation (RM 4600) with M&M

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Bel Air Los Angeles Wine Cellar Cooling

Bel Air Los Angeles Wine Cellar Cooling

Wine is being taken more and more seriously by collectors as time passes.  This is why wine storage solutions are not just recommended, but required, especially for those who plan on growing their vintage collection.

The best way for managing, organizing and showcasing your valued vintage wine collection is to have a wine cellar right inside your home.  Your wine room will be where your wine ages properly, while giving you a convenient access to your collection any time.

Having a residential wine cellar will add to your house’s aesthetic appeal, while keeping your wine collection safe and secure in a temperature-controlled setting.

Regardless of the design of your wine cellar, you will need a professional wine cellar builder and a specialist for your wine cellar cooling unit, and both must understand the technical aspects of building a wine cellar while keeping the design.

Proper insulation, sealing and a good wine cellar cooling unit — these are the secrets to achieving and maintaining the optimum storage environment for aging your wines.  Wine cellar refrigeration systems are designed to stabilize the storage condition for your wines.  Wine must be kept at a temperature between 55-57oF and at 60% RH (relative humidity).

When it comes to wine cellar refrigeration systems, US Cellar Systems can provide you with the best options — from wall cabinets to wall mounted and ducted wine cellar cooling units.

One of US Cellar System’s dealers is M&M Cellar Systems, which is among the best wine cellar refrigeration systems experts in California and nearby states.  This company does not just provide you with a wine cellar cooling option, but gives you a wine cellar cooling unit base on your specific needs.  They specialize in refrigeration and heating installation, from service and maintenance to taking care of wine cellar cooling equipment.  This company also provides a wide array of solutions for wine cellar cooling for small cabinets or large commercial displays for your wine collection.

One of M&M Cellar Systems’ latest works is the installation of one of the wine cellar refrigeration systems in Bel Air Estates in Westside L.A.  A RM4600 refrigeration model was installed in the 10 x 10 x 8 wine room of the residence.  This model is from the RM Series — rust-proof, and with insulated aluminum housing.

RM4600 Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

RM4600 Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

The RM Series is from US Cellar Systems.  The RM4600 is a split-system type of wine cellar cooling unit.  This aspect allows you to hide its evaporator unit on the ceiling or behind your cellar’s walls, separated from its condensing unit.

The condenser is actually a noisy component, but since the model belongs to the split-type wine cellar refrigeration systems, the condenser can be set up in a different location, to promote a quiet environment for your wines.

Split-type cooling systems may be ductless or ducted.  The former consists of a set of lines, including electrical wirings and copper tubings, which serve as the connection between the condenser and the evaporator units.  The latter, on the other hand, utilizes air ducts to let cool air into your wine cellar and to let warm air out.

For this Bel Air Los Angeles wine cellar cooling, the two evaporator units were placed on the ceiling, concealed by a customized grill cover made of redwood.  To connect the evaporator to the condenser in the mechanical room outside the house, a line measuring 50 feet was used.

Your wine cellar will never be complete without the wine cellar cooling unit.  Among the most trusted manufacturers of wine cellar refrigeration systems is US Cellar Systems.  M&M Cellar Systems partners with only the best in the wine cellar industry.  US Cellar Systems and M&M Cellar Systems are tag team in providing efficient and reliable solutions for quality custom residential and commercial wine cellars in Los Angeles California.


Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

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