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Reliable Cooling System and Awe-Inspiring Design for a Home Wine Cellar in Texas

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Stunning custom wine rack design was created by Wine Cellar Specialists for a curved space under the stairs.

Stunning Home Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar Specialists

Unstable wine storage conditions can ruin your investment by altering the chemical properties of wine. Your chosen wine room builder must provide the best cooling solution for your needs. Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our reliable dealers, has recently completed a wine cellar cooling project in Frisco, Texas.

The challenge for them was to determine the size and type of refrigeration system that would be installed and to create a wine rack design that would suit the shape and size of the space under a curved staircase.

An Expert in Texas Designed a Refrigerated Wine Cellar in a Tiny and Curved Space

What does that area under your stairway look like? Is it a dead area in your home? Is it one of those junk spaces? A place where various items that do not have a specific home end up? Worst still, are you using your under-stair area to store coats, shoes, suitcases or similar?

However, you currently use that area, imagine it totally transformed. No longer do you just pull out a bottle you happen to have in your refrigerator.

Instead, visualize your friends and neighbors’ reactions when you invite them to sample a bottle from your latest collection in your own dedicated closet wine cellar. Imagine the aroma as you and your guests walk into the cellar, and the visual effect a back-lit wine display might have, in what is currently a messy and unattractive location.

As you look through the images on this page. imagine that under-stair area or closet in your home transformed into a beautiful customized wine storage and display room.

Challenges in Wine Cellar Construction

When building a wine cellar, the overall design and functionality greatly depend on the size, shape, and location of the room, as well as the number of bottles intended to be stored. All of these factors should also be considered when choosing the capacity and type of wine refrigeration system that will cool the cellar.

One of our trusted dealers, Wine Cellar Specialists, has installed an elegant home wine cellar in Frisco, Texas. The client wanted their collection to be stored in a space under a curved staircase. The area is limited, and the ceiling height is descending because of the shape of the stairs.

Despite the challenges, Wine Cellar Specialists were able to create a stylish design for the racking system that will display the client’s collection beautifully and safely in a small and odd-shaped room. Their team’s passion and creativity helped them finish the project with excellence.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Texas

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed Above the Door Texas Project

An efficient wine cooling system is a crucial component in building home wine cellars because it protects wine from damage caused by temperature fluctuations and variable humidity levels.

US Cellar Systems provides commercial grade cooling solutions to wine enthusiasts who want to safeguard their collection for years to come. Imagine having a wine cellar in your Texas home where you can display your collection without having to worry about one bottle being spoiled.

We have been a partner of Wine Cellar Specialists in their wine construction projects, not only in Texas, but also in Chicago and Florida.

Ideal Choice of Cooling System to Cool the Texas Home Wine Cellar

In this home wine cellar project, they used our Rack Mounted (RM3600) ductless split cooling unit. This type of refrigeration system is optimized to provide the best storage environment in home wine cellars. It is one of the favorite cooling options in wine room construction because it can easily fit on a wall, in a soffit, or in between the ceiling joists.

Other features of our RM3600 wine refrigeration system are listed below:

  • Housing is insulated, rust-proof, and made of aluminum
  • High performance
  • Thermally-protected lubricated motor
  • ETL certified
  • Pressure tested

Wine Cellar Specialists added a wooden grill cover just above the door to conceal the evaporator. The air from the cooling unit installed in this Texas home wine cellar blows in a downward direction because of the ceiling’s decreasing height.

Before the refrigeration system was installed, the room was sealed to create the ideal storage conditions for proper maturation of wine. To prevent air leakage, close-cell spray foam was used on the interior walls and ceiling. This type of insulation is widely used by many wine cellar builders in Texas because it is efficient and helps prevent contaminants from entering the room.

Custom Racking System

Texas Wine Cellar Racking and StoneCoat Ceiling

Texas Wine Cellar Racking and StoneCoat Ceiling

Quarter Round Display Wine Rack

Quarter Round and Label Forward Display Wine Rack Texas Project

Another challenge in building a wine room under the stairs is creating a custom design for the storage racks. Wine Cellar Specialists had to build a wine rack system that would fit perfectly into the small and circular area, without compromising the aesthetic appeal.

Horizontal and Mini Quarter Wine Racks

The racks, which were installed on the left wall, start with two horizontal storage units. Each has a depth of 6 inches and can hold 750ml bottles.

Finding a particular bottle in these wine racks is easy because the bottles are displayed in a label forward orientation.

Since the room has a curved shape, a mini quarter wine rack had to be used to create a smooth transition from one wall to another. This storage rack also allows for storing some of the client’s bottles in an upright position, and/or wine accessories.

True Radius Curved Wine Racks and Case Storage

Next are the true radius curved wine racks, with 13.5-inch depth, cascading down to the end of the wall. A display row lines the middle section to highlight some wine bottles stored at a 15-degree angle. This bottle orientation keeps the cork moist, preventing unwanted air to enter into the bottle and cause oxidation.

A rolling case storage was added to the end of the racking. It has two rows of horizontal storage slots at the top and two rows of rolling case storage at the bottom. The double-deep case storage has roll out shelves for quick access to cases at the back.

Other Features of the Wine Cellar Built Under the Stairs of a Texas Home

At Wine Cellar Specialists they are always willing to add custom features in their client’s residential wine room, regardless of space. Imagine your guests being amazed by the uniqueness and visual appeal of your wine cellar.

In this project, the ceiling was blown with crushed limestone, called Stonecoat. It was hand carved and colored according to the owner’s preference. Stonecoat was also used on the ceiling of the bar area, front area of the kitchen counter, and the underside of the adjacent staircase landing.

The front and end areas were framed to provide a place for the iron door and iron-framed windows. The entryway has a wrought iron design at the top and bottom sections that match the staircase railings. The door style allows the client to view his wine storage display from outside the room.

Check out more styles of wine cellar door offered by Wine Cellar Specialists.

3-Dimensional Drawings

For every wine cellar project, the CAD drawings provide a clear visual of the wine room, including the different plan views, bottle capacities, and dimensions.

3D Wine Cellar Design

3D Wine Cellar Design Texas Project

Frisco, Texas Wine Cellar Beautifully Built Under Elegant Curved Staircase

Build the Wine Cellar of Your Dreams with an Expert

When designed and installed by an expert, any room can be transformed into a dream wine cellar that will store your collection beautifully and safely in your Texas home.

Wine Cellar Specialists can add flair and elegance to your small wine room. What are you waiting for? Contact them today and take a few steps to the wine cellar of your dreams!

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