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Miami Wine Cellar Builder Solves Problem of Temperature Control While Offering Contemporary Design

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Check out this project story of a stunning wine cellar recently installed by one of our best dealers in Miami Florida.  They used one of our RM Split Refrigeration Systems for the climate control system.

All Good Wine Cellars need a great Climate Control System

Wine must be aged in a cool, dark and humid environment before it is poured into a glass and enjoyed by the drinker. With this goal, you will need a refrigerated wine cellar to control temperature and humidity, resulting in wines of distinct characteristics.

Wine Cellar International a top US Cellar Systems dealer

Wine Cellar International a top US Cellar Systems dealer

Wine cellars are designed to provide wine the safest environment for both short term and long term periods. This is a reason the number of wine collectors in Florida who are investing in a refrigerated residential wine cellar has been increasing.

Whatever the size of collection, nature of the room or the types of wine – seeking the help of the right company is extremely important. You want a company that has extensive experience in the wine cellar industry, who knows how to protect temperature.

In Florida, one of the most trusted companies that builds custom wine cellars with passion is Wine Cellar International. They have created stellar wine cellar designs, installed with the most suitable wine cellar refrigeration systems. They also offer doors, racking and flooring. They work with unique materials and products to make your wine cellar very distinct.

Every wine cellar needs an efficient wine cooling system to prevent unstable temperature and humidity. US Cellar Systems is a partner of Wine Cellar International in providing their clients’ wine cellar the best refrigeration system essential to protect their investment. In their recent wine cellar project in Miami Beach, Florida, Wine Cellar International selected one of our cooling systems because of our ability to control the condition within the room.

Miami Beach Florida Home Wine Cellar

The client’s home in the North Bay Road, Miami Beach Florida has been recently renovated. The owner wanted a contemporary-style and functional wine cellar. After discussing the requirements, needs and wants of the owner, Wine Cellar International noted every detail carefully and integrated them into the wine cellar design.


Impressive Features of the Miami Beach Residential Wine Room

The space was not that big so all the wine racks were maximized to the ceiling’s height. Made of brushed stainless steel, the contemporary custom wine racks look very sophisticated.

Trying to find a bottle stored vertically comes with obvious challenges in reading the label. In this case, 3-bottle deep wine racks on the left and right side walls allowed the bottles to be stored horizontally, solving the label reading problem. The lowest portion of these wine racks was designed with case storage. The back wall was installed with bin and bulk storage racks.

Appealing Contemporary Steel Wine Racks

Many customers don’t realize that like the walls and ceilings, the flooring of a wine cellar must be insulated to maintain consistent temperature in the wine cellar. In addition to proper insulation, recycled metal was the ideal material for the floor to create the contemporary ambiance that the client wanted to achieve in the space.

Recycled Metal Wine Cellar Flooring

Another impressive feature of this modern wine cellar is the ceiling. It is made of highly-reflective mirror that creates an illusion of larger space.

Nothing spoils the final result of a beautiful wine construction project than drab lighting. In this case, the client wanted real drama, opting for overhead lighting which spotlighted the client’s favorite vintages. Directional lighting is a great option for highlighting any portion of your wine cellar that you want to emphasize visually.

Too much heat can alter wine’s taste and may damage it. It is important to keep in mind that the lighting in your wine cellar must emit minimal heat. LED lights were used for this project for this very reason. These kinds of lights are commonly used in wine cellars where aesthetic appeal and wine safety are both a priority.

The floor was also installed with some accent lighting that sweeps across the whole space. You will see a stunning wine storage display when all the lights are turned on.

A leaky room can be a real problem for a wine cellar, allowing the cool air to escape and the warm air to infiltrate the space. Sealing the wine room was an important step in this project, preventing wine from being ruined.

Inset glass gasket was placed around the glass and a stainless steel door was used to ensure a tight seal. This also keeps the wine cellar cooling unit from working too hard, resulting in lower consumption of electricity.

Wine Cellar Door and Lighting

It should be pointed out that a properly sealed room and door cannot achieve the ideal conditions in a wine cellar by themselves. Finding a wine cooling unit of high performance and efficiency that is appropriate to the conditions of the particular room is also vitally necessary.


A Wise Choice of Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Extreme changes in temperature and humidity levels can ruin wines, making it undrinkable and wasting your investment. A wine cellar cannot perform its main function as the best wine storage solution without an installed refrigeration system.

With US Cellar Systems’ expertise in wine storage and their full array of wine cellar cooling units, they can provide the best refrigeration system to safeguard your wine collection.

Split Refrigeration System from US Cellar Systems

In this Miami Beach home wine cellar built by Wine Cellar International, a Rack Mounted (RM) series, split wine refrigeration system was used. The air handler or evaporator was mounted above the wine cellar door, hidden from view outside the wine room. The condenser was placed outside to prevent noise in the wine cellar. There is a thermostat reader for easy monitoring of the temperature and humidity in the wine cellar.

The versatility of this system makes it widely-used by our dealers in wine cellar construction. The aluminum housing is insulated and rust-proof. This system is designed with the goal to deliver cool air for locations from medium to high temperature.


Need an Expert in Wine Cellar Refrigeration?

Keep your wines safe; choose a trusted brand of wine cellar refrigeration systems. US Cellar Systems’ efficient and high quality products have been used in many wine cellar projects. It is their goal to help wine cellars function as they were designed to be: to provide wine a climate-controlled environment.

For inquiries about wine cellar refrigeration or if you need expert assistance in determining the right wine cooling system for your wine cellar, please feel free to contact US Cellar Systems at (562) 513-3017 or fill out a wine cellar design request form.

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