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US Cellar Systems Partners with Top Wine Cellar Builders in Florida

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Wine cellars are the ideal storage places for wines. If properly designed and built, wine cellars can effectively provide the ideal conditions for wine to age properly. US Cellar Systems is partnered with various wine cellar builders in the country, to provide the ideal wine storage solutions for wine collectors. One of their wine cellar dealers is Wine Cellar International.

What is Wine Cellar International?

Wine Cellar International is one of the most trusted wine cellar designers and builders in Florida. Whether for a residential custom wine cellar or a commercial custom wine cellar, Wine Cellar International can competitively meet the wine storage needs of their clients.

Wine Cellar International is a full service company, which means that they provide all aspects of their clients’ wine room needs from start to finish. Whether the wine cellar construction is done by their team, or by the client’s contractor, they are willing to provide assistance. There are cases wherein they serve only as consultants for a wine cellar project. Wine Cellar International also provides a free 3-dimensional drawing of their clients’ dream wine cellar design, so that they can better visualize the way they want their wine room to be built.

No wine storage room, whether for personal consumption or for long-term wine storage, is complete without a good wine cellar refrigeration system. Wine Cellar International teams up with US Cellar Systems to provide the ideal wine storage conditions for wine lovers in Florida.

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Project in Coral Gables, Florida

WCI in Florida

Wine Cellar in Florida designed by WCI

One of the projects wherein US Cellar Systems worked with Wine Cellar International was a residential custom wine cellar built in Coral Gables, near Miami Florida. The house in which this contemporary residential wine cellar was built is brand new, and the space allocated was an L-shaped counter, meant to be used as a bar and entertainment area.

Originally, the client wanted the custom wine cellar design to be similar to a European shower, wherein the frames are not visible and only glass walls surround the room. But after consultation with the wine cellar construction expert, the client realized that this design would not make his wine storage room stand out. In their area, 50% of the residential wine cellars that built were designed to have a sleek, sharp, and very modern look. In order to make their wine cellar stand out, they decided on a more contemporary look, with brushed steel framing and wine racking.

The custom wine cellar built for this Coral Gables was built the same way a commercial wine cellar would be built. That is why, although it is a home wine cellar, it has a very commercial appearance. The wine storage room is comprised of glass, brushed stainless steel, and metal. It also has a heavy gauge commercial grade wine cellar door, along with commercial style framework that one would normally see in a wine store.

This gorgeous home custom wine cellar can accommodate up to 891 wine bottles, and includes a display rack at the front of the unit. The metal wine racks were bought from Vintage View, who are known for their exceptional metal racks.

Wine Cellar by WCI

Wine Cellar Designed by WCI in Florida

Larger wine bottles, such as magnums of Champagnes, can also be accommodated by this wine cellar. A custom made shelf piece was included, so that the client could keep large wine bottles. This shelf can also be turned into a wine tasting table when it is not being used to store large-sized wine bottles.

This beautiful home custom wine cellar can be seen from outside of the house. When all the lights in the house are out except for those inside the cellar, this wine storage room looks spectacular.

Wine Cellar International converted the bar and entertainment area into a lovely wine cellar by tackling every single detail of wine cellar construction, including the building of the wine racks, installing the wine cellar frame, etc. It took them about 6 to 7 weeks to complete this wine cellar project in Miami, Florida.

Challenges in the Construction of this Coral Gables Residential Wine Cellar

There were a couple of challenges in building the residential wine cellar in Miami, Florida. One of the biggest challenges had something to do with the preset structural conditions of the area. In order to make it look right, a step down had to be incorporated. The area also had a drop down on the ceiling, which had to be made part of the ceiling without looking out of place. The wine cellar builders did a brilliant job of concealing it beautifully.

The area where the wine cellar was built is 11 feet high. In order to maximize the space for wine racking, the wine cellar builders made sure that the racks went from the floor to the ceiling. To make the bottles stored on the highest racks easily accessible, a custom wine ladder was included in the design. The ladder came from Germany, which is where the brushed stainless steel came from as well. It was a challenge to install the custom wine ladder due to the limited space. In order to protect the wine racks from being hit by the ladder, a special bracket was handcrafted to hold the rail for the ladder off the wall.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Provider – US Cellar Systems

No custom wine cellar is complete without an efficient custom wine cellar refrigeration unit installed. In this particular wine cellar project, US Cellar Systems provided the cooling system. Specifically, a RM600 split type wine cellar cooling system was installed. Since it was a split type of cooling system, the noisy part of the unit (condenser) was placed outside, 20 feet away from the client’s house.

The wine cellar cooling system installed was tucked into a corner, against the header. In traditional wooden custom wine cellars, a wooden grate is usually made to conceal the refrigeration unit. But since this particular residential custom cellar has a contemporary design, the refrigeration unit did not need to be hidden.

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