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How a Texas Wine Cellar Expert Converted a Small Closet into a Refrigerated Wine Room

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Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our top dealers in Texas, recently installed a unique residential wine cellar under the stairs. The room’s temperature and humidity levels are controlled by one of our RM Series cooling units. 

A Refrigeration System is Essential in Preserving Wine’s Quality

wine storage Meyer_TexasDealing with small and odd-shaped spaces is one of the challenges that wine cellar builders face, not only in designing the racking, but also in choosing the right wine refrigeration equipment.

Spoiled or heat-damaged wine is a common problem encountered by wine collectors who don’t have a climate-controlled storage room, which is why the refrigeration system is such an important decision.

If you have wines stored in a closet or kitchen cabinet, expect them to develop an undesirable taste and aroma over time. Proper wine preservation is the main reason many homeowners invest in a custom wine cellar cooled by an efficient cooling system.

The Coppel, Texas Project – Near Dallas

Recently, Wine Cellar Specialists completed a residential wine cellar project in Coppel, a city in the northwest corner of Dallas, Texas.  The owner is the Meyers family, who wanted their small closet under the staircase to be converted into a refrigerated wine room. Since the room is small, a versatile cooling unit was needed; one that does not take up racking space.

Determine the right type of refrigeration system for your wine room by seeking the help of an expert, such as Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our top dealers in Texas. Wine Cellar Specialists believes in US Cellar Systems’ ability to provide a climate-controlled environment that will protect the clients’ investment for years to come, while maximizing the storage space.

Room Preparation

Meyer wine cellar room preparation

The Room was Insulated for Proper Storage of Wine

Creating the right environment for proper aging of wine is a critical process in wine cellar construction. It can be achieved by insulating the walls and ceiling of the space that will be converted to a climate-controlled wine storage room.

For this Texas home wine cellar project, the walls and ceiling were sealed with closed cell foam for efficient insulation. This will help stabilize the temperature and humidity in the room, preventing external elements from damaging wine.

Maintaining a cool storage environment will prevent your refrigeration unit from working harder than it’s designed to. Without a proper seal, don’t be surprised when your energy bill goes through the roof and your refrigeration system breaks down.

About the Cooling System Installed in the Texas Residential Wine Room

Meyer wine cooling unit

US Cellar Systems Rack Mount Wine Cooling Unit

RM 2600 Rack Mount cooling unit from US Cellar Systems was used for the wine cellar of the Meyers family. The wine cooling system is designed to be mounted on the wall, making them ideal for the limited wine storage space of the owners.

The evaporator was installed inside the room, just above the door and near the ceiling, while the condensing unit sits in the garage.

The RM Series also allows the unit to be hidden from view when you’re outside the refrigerated wine room. Wine Cellar Specialists added a wood grill cover and box to keep it out of sight from the exterior view. This helped achieve a clean look in the Texas residential wine cellar.

The unit has access panels that can be removed or modified to lead the airflow to the right direction. For this project, the airflow was changed so that the cool air is directed downward, and circulates within the room properly.

The Custom Wine Cellar Design

The original room used for the project is located under the stairs. In addition to the small space, the curved and descending shape of the space made the project quite challenging. The racking must be designed carefully for maximum storage capacity.

The Wine Rack System

Meyer wine racking

Metal Wine Racking

The client requested metal and wood to be used in achieving a contemporary look in their custom wine cellar.  Upon entering the room, the right wall was installed with three-deep metal wine racks from Vintage View.

A total of 428 bottles can be housed in the racks. The main benefit of using this type of wine rack is full visibility of the labels, which allows the owner to locate a specific bottle quickly. Brushed with nickel, these racks add elegance to the wine room.

The case storage with tabletops is the wood component incorporated in the design. This feature allows easy access to the individual cases. Located below the metal racks, the wood case bins were constructed in mahogany, and with Chestnut stain and lacquer.

Mahogany is one of the most sought-after wood materials in wine cellar construction. Its reddish color develops into darker tones over time, which adds visual appeal to storage racks. In addition to this, mahogany is durable, and less prone to warping and shrinking.

Ceiling, Walls and Entryway

Meyer wine cellar walls

Another custom component of the wine cellar was incorporated on the ceiling and walls. The Meyers wanted a stone look, so Wine Cellar Specialists needed to use their creativity.

They sprayed crushed limestone from France onto the interior and exterior surfaces. Hand carving and coloring were implemented so the walls and ceilings would look like real stone.

The door and windows were constructed with glass and framed with iron. This style provides maximum viewing of the bottles from the exterior, and complements the metal racking.

The Lighting System

Meyer wine cellar lighting

Stunning Lighting System

In addition to the design and material of your wine racks, another factor that affects the overall appeal of the storage space for your collection is the lighting.

The LED spotlights add a modern look to the client’s wine cellar. These were installed on the left wall, opposite to where the wine racks are mounted. The light is directed toward the bottles dramatically. 

To shine up the back wall, LED ribbon lighting was placed behind the wood case storage. There is a separate dimmer switch for the spotlight and ribbon LED lights. This allows full control of the room’s brightness, creating the mood that the client wants.

Have a Small Room that You Want to Convert into a Unique Wine Cellar? Talk to an Expert.

Don’t think that a limited space cannot be turned into a functional wine storage space. With Wine Cellar Specialists, you are at peace that your collection is safe. They use only quality wine cooling systems to protect their clients’ wines from damage. Contact them today!

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