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Beverly Hills Wine Cabinets

Beverly Hills Wine Cabinets Cooling Systems Project by our Dealer M&M Wine Cellar Cooling

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The owner of a beautiful home in Beverly Hills California contacted M&M Wine Cellar Cooling Los Angeles to do a wine cellar job for him.  He has a wine cabinet which needs a cooling system that can maintain the desired temperature and humidity.  Check out how M&M went about with this Beverly Hills wine cabinet cooling system installation job, and why they used US Cellar Systems’ HS wine cellar refrigeration system.

Wine Cabinets Cooling Systems – What You Need to Know

Keeping a wine collection is not simple. It actually requires a room or cellar with wine cabinets and a proper cooling unit, to avoid the premature aging of the wine, and to preserve its sensory attributes, such as taste and aroma.

Wine Cabinets

Wine Cabinets

A wine cellar’s refrigeration system should be of the right quality and size. If the space in your home is not enough for a wine room, your best option would be to install wine cabinets with refrigeration.  Wine cabinets cooling systems can achieve and the optimum aging and storage conditions for your wine collection. Also, these systems can give your wine its needed temperature and humidity levels.

Wine cabinets cooling systems are the most important part of your wine storage. When choosing a refrigerated wine cabinet, make sure that the design and construction are done by a trusted manufacturer of wine cabinets cooling systems, because installing a low quality and undersized cooling system can cause you more harm than good along the way.

M&M Wine Cellar Cooling Los Angeles – The Wine Cellar Dealer

M&M Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

M&M Cellar Systems is a trusted company, and is also a partner of U.S. Cellar Systems when it comes to designing and installing Beverly Hills wine cabinets cooling systems.

This company is based in California, and has proven itself in the installation of HVAC refrigeration, as well as heating, and in providing good service and proper maintenance to cooling units.

HS Series Cooling Systems for Beverly Hills Wine Cabinet

Features of High Static Ducted Unit

Features of High Static Ducted Unit

One of the units that M&M Cellar Systems installed was the Beverly Hills wine cabinets, which was specially designed for cooling wine closets and cellar cabinets.  This wine cooling system is engineered to provide the right circulation of air in storage with narrow spaces. These wine cabinet cooling systems are known as High Static (HS) Systems.

HS Systems are designed to give cool air to medium to high temperature spaces. It is a split type cooling system, and its evaporators are so powerful that it can be installed as far as 25 feet away from the refrigerated room.

High Static Ducted Unit

High Static Ducted Unit

It is a ducted wine cooler, which means that cooled air passes through a duct to the room, with no noise, and frees up space from an in-room evaporator.

These HS models use R134a refrigerant, and have evaporators with capacities that range from 1,800 up to 20,000 BTU/hour.

A HS 6600 Systems was the wine cabinets cooling systems installed by Mario Morales in this specific home in Beverly Hills.

Mr. Morales is the owner, and also the lead technician of M&M Cellar Systems.

The HS 6600 model is a high static ducted unit, which includes a piping set for moving liquid and gaseous refrigerant to the wine cabinets.

Mario knew that HS 6600, a ducted wine cooler, was the correct unit to be installed based on the heat load from the room details and detentions.  Also, Mario considered the type and location of the construction.

The Wine Cabinets Cooling Systems Installation

The wine cabinet cooling systems installation also involved charging it with Freon, a refrigerant commonly used in air conditioning. Moreover, Mario did a pressure test for the cooling system after it was charged with Freon.  This pressure reading was then used to check for any leaks inside and outside, in addition to making sure that the cooling system could handle the pressure declared by the wine cabinets cooling systems manufacturer.

Beverly Hills Wine Cabinets Cooling Systems Installation

Beverly Hills Wine Cabinets Cooling Systems Installation

This Beverly Hills wine cabinets project was done in the Beverly Hills house’s living room.  M&M Cellar Systems installed the split type high static system, which has two separate main components — the cooling unit, which includes the evaporator coil, and the coil, compressor and condenser.

This project is just one of the many solutions that M&M Cellar Systems can offer when it comes to wine cabinets cooling systems.  The company takes pride in their customer service and quality of work.  M&M Cellar Systems also collaborates with wine cellar builders, both commercial and private, to be able to provide the best solutions for your wine cooling needs while providing the appropriate wine storage setting.

Beverly Hills Wine Cabinets

Beverly Hills Wine Cabinets

At US Cellar Systems, we provide wine cellar companies with the best wine cellar refrigeration systems, including ducted and ductless wine cabinets cooling systems.  Please feel free to contact us for inquiries on our products and services.

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