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Dana Point California Vintage Cellars Refrigeration Project

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Vintage LPQ Cooling System Dana Point California LPQ 3600 BackVintage Cellars of San Marcos in California recently installed an LPQ 3600 wine cellar refrigeration unit in one of their recent custom wine cellar projects in Dana Point, California.

The biggest challenge they has was getting the drain line over to the sump pump in the back room for condensate.

Mario Morales of M&M Cellar Systems Los AngelesMario Morales of M&M Cellar Systems Los Angeles was the cooling system expect on this project.

He used a pen pump so it was not as visible as a full sized pump.

US Cellar Systems Vintage Cellars LPQ 3600 Dana Point LPQ FrontVintage LPQ Dana California Point TC100



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