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Wine Cellar Specialists Has Converted a Small Closet into a Beautiful Texas Wine Cellar Equipped with an Efficient Cooling Unit

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A wine cellar cannot function properly if it’s not equipped with an efficient wine cooling system. In Frisco, Texas, Wine Cellar Specialists has built a home wine cellar cooled by one of our RM cooling units. Find out more features of this closet conversion project. 

A Reliable Cooling System is Needed for Proper Wine Storage

Williams Texas wine cellar

A Refrigerated Texas Wine Cellar Preserves Wine Quality

A cool, dark, and humid environment is needed by wine to reach proper maturation. Optimal conditions must be met in your wine cellar for you and your friends to enjoy great tasting wines.

Wine faults are mainly caused by temperature fluctuations. This problem occurs when you store wine in areas such as kitchen cabinets, cardboard boxes, and regular refrigerators.

Climate-controlled wine cellars will keep your prized wines protected for years to come. The key to achieving a stable storage environment is to invest in a refrigerated wine room built by an expert.

Whatever the size of your room is, Wine Cellar Specialists can help make your wine storage room the safest place for your collection. They are one of our top-notch dealers who have extensive experience in building exceptional and effective home wine cellars.

In Frisco, Texas, they have completed a closet conversion project for the Williams family. They chose one of our RM wine refrigeration systems to maintain optimal environment in their client’s wine room.

A Small Closet Converted Into a Refrigerated and Beautiful Wine Cellar

right wall

The Old Closet Used for the Texas Wine Cellar Conversion

The Williams had a small closet in their pantry that they wanted to utilize for their wine cellar project. The room is 11 feet high and had shelves on the three walls. The entryway was a solid wooden door.

Wine Cellar Specialists took note of the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client before creating a 3-dimensional wine cellar design.

The 3D Drawings

It is important for homeowners to visualize their completed wine room. The free 3-dimensional drawings include the different rack elevations: the left wall (elevation A), the right wall (elevation B), and the back wall (elevation C).

Texas wine cellar design 3D drawings

3-Dimensional Drawing for the Williams Wine Cellar Texas (Plan View)

After the approval of the owner, Wine Cellar Specialists started the installation of the cooling unit, wine racks, and door.

Preparing the Room for Construction

Before the installation, the existing shelving, ceiling, and walls were removed. A dedicated power source for the condensing unit was added for the condenser of the RM cooling unit.

In wine cellar construction, the most critical process is making sure that the room has the proper insulation and vapor barrier to help maintain consistent temperature and humidity. In this project, the walls and ceilings are insulated with closed cell foam.

Learn more about the importance of wine cellar insulation.

Custom Wine Rack Design for a Texas Home Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Specialists has been designing wine racks with form and function in mind. They always want their clients to be happy with their wine racking.

Texas wine cellar racking design

Wine Rack Design for the Williams Wine Cellar Texas

In this project, they have created a gorgeous wine rack design that can house 700 bottles. The design consists of individual storage slots, high reveal display row, solid arch, tabletop, solid horizontal display, double-deep wood case storage, and a  mini-quarter round display.

The Cooling System

Texas wine cellar cooling unit from US Cellar Systems

Texas Wine Cellar Cooling Unit from US Cellar Systems

If you’re serious about wine collecting, your favorite vintages must be kept in a climate-controlled environment. The absence of an efficient wine refrigeration unit causes storage problems that can be detrimental to wine.

At US Cellar Systems, protecting your wine is our priority. Our cooling systems are of high quality and are equipped with great features that suit the unique requirements of our clients.

Our RM2600 ductless split wine cooling unit was used in the Williams project. The unit is installed within the racking on the left wall. To achieve a clean look, a wooden grill cover and box was created to hide the unit.

The RM Series consists of several access panels for proper air distribution inside the cellar. Its aluminum housing is insulated and rustproof.

All our cooling products are pressure tested to ensure high-performance, providing every collection maximum protection. The type of refrigeration unit that you must purchase depends on the size of your wine room and the number of bottles that you intend to store.

Learn more about the different types of refrigeration systems we offer.

Talk to a Master Builder to Start Your Own Closet Wine Cellar Conversion Project

Your wine cellar must be built with the right cooling system to keep wine at its best. Wine Cellar Specialists has extensive experience in providing turnkey solutions for those who want to convert any room into their dream Texas home wine cellar. They recommend efficient cooling products from US Cellar Systems.

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