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New LRC Expansion Valve Improves Performance of Your Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

We are excited to announce that LRC uses a new externally equalized expansion valve in all its coils.The LRC expansion valve is an important component used in all of our wine cellar refrigeration system series, except for the CC series.

This new feature improves the overall function of your system, making it a highly recommended improvement. We at US Cellar Systems, here in California, are pleased to offer technical support to all of our customers on this new valve.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Technical Update – New LRC Expansion Valve Saves Time and Effort

Installation Suggestion

Installation Suggestion for Wine Cellar Refrigeration ComponentAdd a T with an access shrader to the suction line at the coil. This allows pressure measurement at both the coil and condensing. This will save time and effort when you’re troubleshooting or performing maintenance on the system.

Adjustment Recommendations

Note: The expansion valve inside looks almost like a pressure regulator.

  • Use a 3/8” nut driver or socket.
  • To increase pressure turn CLOCKWISE.
  • To decrease pressure turn COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.
  • Always make small adjustments.
  • 1 turn is approximately 6 lbs. of change.
  • Never turn all the way in. This will damage the diaphragm and cannot be undone. This valve will need to be replaced and the warranty will be voided. So be very careful to avoid this.


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Dan Phillips - Owner of US Cellar Systems

Dan Phillips – Owner of US Cellar Systems

For more information about this new feature and how it can help your wine cellar refrigeration system, call us today for technical support at +1 (562) 728-5774. Whether in California, or anywhere in the country, we’re happy to answer any and all questions regarding your wine cellar needs.

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