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Wine Cellar Refrigeration Chicago Custom Cellar Project – The Need for Quality

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At US Cellar Systems we take pride in featuring outstanding refrigerated wine cellars designed and created by our top dealers. This custom wine cellar designed and built in Chicago Illinois by Baroque Design is truly amazing.

The Project

Wine cellar refrigeration systems play a vital role in ensuring that wines are stored in the right temperature and humidity so that they can age properly. A beautifully designed and well-built custom wine cellar in Chicago is useless if no wine cellar cooling unit is installed. And even when a unit is installed, if the installation process is done poorly, the wines will still be damaged. US Cellar Systems has both quality wine cellar refrigeration units and qualified unit installation professionals.

Residential Wine Cellar in Chicago, Illinois

One of US Cellar Systems’ dealers, Baroque Design Chicago, designed and built an elegant wine cellar in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois.

US Cellar Systems provides Cooling Unit for this cellar

Goris Wine Cellar – US Cellars Systems Unit, Chicago

In wine cellar construction, location is of primary importance. For this specific project, a 15 x 17 ft. billiard table room with a fire place was renovated and converted to accommodate the residential wine cellar. The fireplace was sealed up, then the insulation and vapor barrier were installed. 1000 plus wine bottles can be housed in this huge home wine cellar in Chicago. The number of bottles that the client intended to store is one of the important things discussed when the wine cellar project was planned because this determined how large the custom wine cellar would be and which location was most appropriate for the construction.



Chicago Wine Cellar Design

Custom wine cellars allow clients to choose how their wine storage rooms will look. The best wine cellar designs are those that reflect the owner’s personality and individual preference.

Chicago Residential Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Residential Wine Cellar Medieval Design

US Cellar Systems Dealer: Custom Wine Cellar Builder Chicago

This custom wine cellar in Chicago had a classic and medieval ambiance. Stone work was done up to 10’ ceiling and a suit of armor was included in the décor. To accentuate the medieval style, reclaimed barn wood was used for the racking. The reclaimed barn wood was obtained from their local supplier and dated back to the 1800s.

Custom Wine Racks Chicago Illinois

Hand-made wine racks in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois

The wine racking in this uniquely designed wine cellar includes individual storage, as well as a diamond bin for bulk storage. The four niches in the corners, 2’ in height and 6” in depth, are designed to showcase magnums. All of the wine racks used in this wine storage room are custom hand made out of reclaimed barn wood. Baroque Design LCC is one of the best wine cellar designers and builders in Chicago, Illinois.

A beautiful wine cellar door that was purpose built and imported from Europe is one of the main aspects that enhance the medieval appeal of the wine storage room.





Goris Wine Cellar Chicago

Wine Tasting Room in Chicago Residential Wine Cellar

A large wine tasting room was added to this home wine cellar. The tasting room has a table and chairs for guests. The highlight design of the tasting room is the reclaimed wine barrel head from Sonoma Valley in California, which was customized with the client’s name on it.


Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installed

There are various kinds and brands of wine cellar cooling systems on the market. A licensed HVAC professional is necessary to determine what wine cellar refrigeration unit is most appropriate for a certain custom wine cellar.

For the residential wine cellar in Chicago, the refrigeration system installed was an RM8600 TE, provided by US Cellar Systems. This wine cellar cooling unit is a 300 cubic feet capacity spit ductless system. It is configured in such a way that its two evaporators are inside the wine storage room, while the condenser is placed in the furnace, room which is 50’ away from the wine cellar. The refrigeration system’s line is set efficiently through the cellar’s ceiling.



Only The Best for Your Wine Collection

Wine Racks & Wine Cellars Chicago

Quality Wine Cellar Refrigerator Systems in Chicago for your Wines

Wines are very sensitive beverages. This is why the details of a wine storage room have to be planned out carefully. The design and construction of the custom wine cellar in Chicago largely affects how your wines will taste once you need to serve them. Baroque Designs LCC is one of the reliable wine cellar designers in Chicago. Moreover, they make sure that the refrigeration units installed in their wine cellars are only the most efficient units. Baroque Designs LCC trusts US Cellar Systems when it comes to quality wine cellar refrigeration systems in Chicago, Illinois.

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