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A Residential Wine Cellar in Texas with a Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

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Here is another example project using our cooling products installed by Wine Cellar Specialists in Texas.

The Project

There are many approaches on how to store wine. The most ideal is through a residential custom wine cellar in Dallas, Texas, along with a quality wine cellar refrigeration unit.

Wine Cellar Spec is one of the most trusted designers and builders of custom wine cellars in Texas. To provide the best wine storage solutions, they have partnered with US Cellar Systems, a leading provider of wine cellar refrigeration units.

Wine Cellar Spec Build Custom Wine Cellars in Texas

Residential Wine Cellar in Texas by Wine Cellar Spec

One of the most interesting residential wine cellar projects in Texas is the one in Frisco, a suburb of Dallas. Originally, the location was merely an unused kitchen pantry under a staircase. Wine Cellar Spec transformed this pantry into a beautiful custom wine cellar.

Home Wine Cellar in Frisco, Dallas, Texas Design: Wine Cellar Door

Texas Custom Wine Cellar Door

Home Wine Cellar Door by Wine Cellar Spec

The wine closet conversion project was amazingly affordable.

The residential wine cellar was designed with a Tuscan custom wine cellar door that had a square top and arched, dual plane glass with a wrought iron inset.

Every single part of a wine cellar should be designed to complement the whole, as well as the existing home décor. For a wooden wine cellar, even the stain and finished should be carefully chosen so that the colors match the décor and the overall design.

As for the custom wine cellar door, a custom stain was applied to match the existing cabinetry in the home. Custom moldings were also added to complement the molding style in the client’s home.

Wine Racks Used in the Frisco Residential Wine Cellar

To meet the home owner’s personal preferences for how the home wine cellar should look, wooden wine racks were used in this wine cellar project. Among the various kinds of wood species used for wooden wine racks in Texas, rich Mahogany was the choice for this cellar. Moreover, a non-aromatic finish was applied.

Wine Cellar Spec Designs a Home Wine Cellar in Dallas

Residential Wine Cellar Wall – Waterfall Wine Rack Design

There are different kinds of lacquers and finishes that can be used for wooden custom wine racks in Texas, but it is always preferable to use non-aromatic kinds. Lacquers that produce odors can potentially ruin your wines.

Keep in mind that a custom wine cellar is a tightly sealed room. Therefore, even the slightest odor can build up in the long run, and can affect the smell and taste of your wines.

The custom wine racks installed were designed to have lower, double deep, solid X bins, with a tabletop for wine tasting.

This design allows for bulk storage in the custom wine cellar. A full wall of horizontal single deep custom wine racks and a wine rack with a waterfall style were built to follow the slant of the ceiling beneath the stairs. The wine rack design basically maximizes the space available and increases the storage capacity of the wine room.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit from US Cellar Systems

A custom wine cellar as with this one installed Dallas, Tx is never complete without a wine cellar refrigeration system installed. The temperature and humidity in Texas vary a lot from day to night and through the seasons. Constant changes in temperature and humidity can damage your wines. This is why a quality wine cellar cooling unit that can provide the ideal temperature and humidity levels inside a wine cellar in Texas is very important.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems in Dallas, Texas

Wine Cellar in Dallas, Texas: Refrigeration Unit Compressor In Garage

US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted manufacturers of quality wine cellar cooling systems to the trade. The cooling unit installed in this wine cellar in Frisco is a good example of US Cellar Systems range. There are many different types of cooling units suitable for different wine cellar designs.

In this particular case, a Rack Mount 2600 Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit was installed. This cooling unit is a split system type. The compressor was placed on a cabinet in the garage, while the other part of the cooling system was inside the wine cellar.

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