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Wine cellars are the safest place to store wines. With the help of a quality wine cellar refrigeration system, a wine cellar can provide the ideal storage environment for wines. Different wine cellars in Texas need different kinds of wine cellar refrigeration units. There are various factors to consider in choosing the appropriate wine cellar cooling unit for your wine storage room.

US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted manufacturers of quality wine cellar cooling units in the US. Regardless of what type of residential custom wine cellar you have in Dallas, Texas, US Cellar Systems can provide a wine cellar cooling unit to meet your wine storage needs.

US Cellar Systems Dealer in Dallas, Texas: Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar Specialists, a wine cellar construction company and a US Cellar Systems dealer, built a one of a kind custom wine cellar. The wine storage room was constructed in one of their clients’ homes, in Mansfield, a suburb south of Dallas, Texas.

Custom Wine Cellar Builder Texas

Wine Cellar Spec – US Cellar Systems Dealer

Wine Cellar Specialists are experts in wine storage and wine display industries in Texas. They provide consultation services on an individual basis, and this means that they help their clients decide on the best wine storage construction options, in accordance to their available budget. Wine Cellar Specialists has consistently provided their customers with beautifully designed residential and commercial custom wine cellars that are efficient and effective in providing the ideal temperature and humidity for wine storage.

There are many wine cellar design consultants in Wine Cellar Specialists, and each is trained and commissioned to work on projects alongside their clients, from beginning to end. Consultation with their experts is without charge, and they even provide a free wine cellar 3D design for their customers’ approval.

No wine cellar is complete without a wine cellar refrigeration unit. US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted manufacturers of wine cellar cooling units. US Cellar Systems and Wine Cellar Specialists have long been partners in providing quality custom wine cellars in Dallas, Texas.

Wine Cellar Mansfield Dallas Texas

Project – Residential Custom Wine Cellar Under the Staircase

Custom Wine Cellar Dallas Texas Project – Unique Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

One of the most noteworthy projects that Wine Cellar Specialists completed is the custom wine cellar built under the staircase of a home in Mansfield, Dallas, Texas.

The client had a closet under the staircase in his home, and wanted to turn the space into a wine storage room. Wine Cellar Specialists took the challenge, and successfully created a unique and elegant wine cellar.

Custom Wine Racks for the Unique Under the Staircase Cellar

The closet room’s wall was curved, and the wine cellar builders constructed custom wine racks specially built to fit the curve of the wall. The builders made sure that the wine racking had a seamless appearance, to make the aesthetics of the wine storage room gorgeous. There was minimal use of joints and screw holes, because these would not achieve the seamless appearance that was being aimed for.

The curved wine racks are made from Mahogany, which is one of the most durable types of wood used for wooden wine cellars. Mahogany is a wood specie ideal for humid environments like wine cellars because it does not warp or swell, and is highly resistant to decay caused by damp. The Mahogany wooden wine racks were also given a rustic stain and lacquer, to make them more beautiful.

Custom Wine Cellar Wine Racks

Unique Custom Wine Racks in Mansfield Texas Wine Cellar Project

The racking design begins with lattice horizontal display racks along the straight walls of the cellar. They are also connected by a mini quarter round rack to the center area of individual 750 bottles, with a display row with a true radius curve. The wine cellar ends at the low end, with a horizontal rack that tops off a lattice X bin, with a lattice case storage wine rack at the bottom.

Reclaimed Wine Barrels – A Beautiful Wine Cellar Flooring Option

Wine cellar flooring also contributes to the beauty of a wine storage room. There are various options for wine cellar flooring in Dallas, Texas. For this Mansfield wine cellar Project, reclaimed wine barrels were used.

Wine Cellar Floor from Reclaimed Wine Barrels

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring in Mansfield Wine Cellar

Wine barrels are a wonderful option for custom wine cellar flooring. Moreover, you can choose to use the cooperage, the infusion or the stave. The cooperage, which is named after the facilities in which the barrels were made, refers to the barrel heads. The cooperage has the original wine barrel stamps and markings, which can be a unique accent for your wine flooring. The infusion refers to the inside part of the wine barrels. This part is stained by the wines that the barrels used to hold. Wine cellar floorings that use wine barrel infusions have a beautiful, colorful character to them. Lastly, the stave is the outer part of the wine barrels, that has unique patterns and indentations, created by the hoops that used to hold the barrels together. The patterns and indentations are beautiful on a wine cellar floor.

The client in the Mansfield wine cellar project chose to use the cooperages of reclaimed wine barrels for their residential wine cellar flooring. The overall effect was gorgeous. The barrels retained the aroma of the wines that used to be stored in them, which added to the ambiance of the home custom wine cellar. The client really loved how the reclaimed wine barrel flooring turned out.

Purpose Built Wine Cellar Door

Wine Cellar Specialist Designs Door

Wine Cellar Door in the Mansfield Texas Cellar Project

Residential custom wine cellar doors also play an important role in a wine storage room. The door secures the room, helps in keeping the temperature and humidity stable, and adds to the aesthetic design of a wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Specialists installed a purpose-built wrought iron door for the Mansfield Dallas Texas wine cellar project. The wine cellar door also had operable glass, for ease of cleaning. The door’s Venetian View design, its copper mist color, and its oil rubbed bronze Saratoga handle set gave it a very classy appearance.

Other Details of the Wine Cellar Design

To further accentuate the wine cellar, the left and end walls were painted with an orange-brick color, while the right wall and ceiling were covered with a faux brick material. The bricks and the paint created a beautiful rustic charm and country appeal.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit by US Cellars

RM2600 Wine Cellar Cooling System

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System in the Dallas Texas Wine Cellar Project

Wine cellars are useless without wine cellar cooling units. For this unique wine cellar in Dallas, Texas, Wine Cellar Specialists installed a US Cellar Systems RM2600 ductless split cooling system. The unit was placed hanging from the ceiling, with the airflow pointed down. Ductless split wine cellar refrigeration units are ideal for small spaces, like this under-the-staircase custom wine cellar, because they occupy minimal space, and are not noisy.

Housing for the wine cellar cooling unit was constructed using Mahogany wood with rustic stain and lacquer, to match the wine racking.

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